Verdant View is focused on providing high-quality green spaces, we are a Kent based landscaping and garden design business, working hard to create a beautiful environment for our clients to enjoy.

Garden Design

Our mission is to create pleasurable outdoor green spaces for our clients; making the most of precious garden spaces so they are suitable for every member of the family.

David’s 20 year career has been within horticulture covering all aspects of growing and gardening, including lecturing at Hadlow College.  Extensive previous experience means that Verdant are also able to offer a comprehensive design and build service for natural children’s play areas, this includes interactive learning, outdoor classrooms and the development of curriculum linked green areas for schools

We specialise in maximising the space you have, from sweeping vistas and dramatic herbaceous planting through to multi-functional areas with productive planting schemes to provide both beauty and fresh produce as well as for relaxation

Restructuring an area is sometimes essential and we can help you with the selection of suitable materials – wood, brick or stone to create new structures and supports for new areas for you to enjoy.  We provide the full range of services including brickwork, carpentry and tree surgery

    Garden Restoration

    Restoring an old garden is often a voyage of discovery, once too expensive to maintain many pre war gardens lie buried under decades of brambles and giant volunteer seedlings.

    David and the team at Verdant have experience in the research process to identify gardens of significance, they will assess a site, comparing it against any known elements of the original design, identify the position of significant features and provide a detailed scheme of work.  Guidance can also be provided on suitable streams of funding available from different agencies for the restoration of historic or significant designs.

    David works with several different plants-men and propagators specialising in traditional varieties and appropriate species for period design to ensure historical accuracy in the finished restoration


      Tree Surgery

      Felling- The removal of a tree in its entirety either in sections due to proximity to buildings etc or as a whole.

      Crown Reduction – All branches are reduced back to suitable growth points so that the tree appears smaller in size.

      Crown thinning – Branches are removed from within the tree crown to allow more light and a reduction of wind resistance.

      Crown Lifting – Creating a larger gap between the ground and lower branches.
      Dead wooding – Removal of all dead or dying wood from within the tree, either for safety reasons or purely for look.

      Veteran Tree Management – Older trees in their final chapter of life frequently in a hazardous condition, but very important in the landscape and eco system.

      Sadly the easy approach is to remove them but with careful attention they can be retained.

      Stump Grinding – The removal of any size stump to below ground level, by machine, to enable re landscaping or re planting.


        The team at Verdant View have extensive experience in the delivery of outside spaces for all ages and abilities of pupils.
        From raised beds and mud kitchens for pre-school areas, adventure and climbing facilities for older pupils through to specially designed therapeutic and stimulating facilities for pupils with Special Educational Needs.
        Stimulating and engaging outdoor spaces that inspire imaginations are so good for happy and healthy children. Speak to our team about how we can enhance the outdoor experience for your pupils today. – Listed school supplier